Duraspun® Poles & Piles

Since the 1950's, Rocla has produced high quality pole products in Australia.

Rocla Duraspun® poles, piles and columns are manufactured using our unique Rocla spun-casting process, creating a high density pole for high stiffness & durability, with a hollow core for reduced mass and smooth external finish for improved aesthetics.

Duraspun® poles are suitable for use in all wind load regions and terrain categories throughout Australia and are highly bushfire resistant. Our complete range includes poles up to 67m in length and strengths up to 400kN (ult.)

Pole components can be produced in a single piece up to 24m in length, or in multi-section arrangements to suit height, site and handling needs. Our range includes bolt-down or installation efficient direct-embed options.

Duraspun® poles are made in Australia with market-leading supply for time-critical projects.



Our Products

Building Column
CCTV & Lighting

Design Support

As well as the supply of pole, pile & column products, Rocla’s design and engineering team supports asset owners and constructors with a number of market leading design services, including foundation design, pole inspections and reporting, product certifications and customised product designs. Our Rocpole software is also available to designers for our Communications Pole range.

For further assistance on our products, or to organise an information session at your convenience, contact us via:

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